Astronography: Milkyway

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Margaret River – Western Australia. Neollene Ain, Copyright 2014.

NeolleneAstronography: Milkyway

TIPS: My recent backpacking trip to Europe & Scandinavian.

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There are several things that I can help you to plan your trip, you may begin with listing the countries that you wish to go and having a map of Europe can help you get a better picture of the flow of how your journey could be (i.e. where to start and where to end). Then you can workout the …

NeolleneTIPS: My recent backpacking trip to Europe & Scandinavian.
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Norway Travelogue

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Tromso, Norway. Copyright 2014. You can look through airbnb website for accommodation in which mine located around an hour drive east of tromso. You can do the filtering based on your desired criteria during your search (budget, number of rooms etc). Apart from looking at their availability during my stay in norway, we inquire from the owner for info if …

NeolleneNorway Travelogue
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Vienna + Salzkammergut; Austria. Neollene Films. Copyright 2014. My journey in Austria had been very amazing and memorable. A beautiful country in and out. I took a flight to Vienna (Wien) from Barcelona. Vienna has nice architecture with majestic palaces, churches and lots of museum. This city also features the country’s richness in culture of opera and music. In Vienna, …


Hello everyone.

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Welcome to this site. My server has recently been hacked by unwanted sources. I’m trying to rectify everything and hopefully it would be back to normal soon! Thanks for your visit. Cheers! Neollene.

NeolleneHello everyone.