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Tromso, Norway. Copyright 2014.

You can look through airbnb website for accommodation in which mine located around an hour drive east of tromso. You can do the filtering based on your desired criteria during your search (budget, number of rooms etc). Apart from looking at their availability during my stay in norway, we inquire from the owner for info if the lights would be visible anywhere near the place. In relation, I did not go for any tour guide as i rely to getting to place near my stay.

We rented a car from tromso airport throughout my stay. There are good public transport available but that would only covers d tromso city area and if you wish to go outskirt, the schedule would be very tight (one bus per day etc). Unless if you choose to stay at the city area, then you won’t find much problem without a car and you may get a tour to catch the aurora, but you may check first the price for some insight. is a good website to give an overview for your trip (aurora tour etc).
Make sure you get your kroners ready as tromso do not have any money changer. The only way to do so is only at bank or through atm machines. Btw, the cost of living in norway is really high, but it depends on your affordability. In general, a bottle of 750ml mineral water cost at 25 kroners that’s equivalent to rm 12.50, a price of a single kebab could cost up to 200 kroners.

If you go in winter season (Nov-February), you might need proper outfit for the cold weather. During my stay it was late autumn n the lowest temp i experienced was -6 .

Last but not least, you may want to equip yourself with a lot of reading about the aurora. That would definitely assist you in experiencing the event. I could say that if the condition is right, you wont go wrong in getting d sightings for aurora as tromso located pretty suitable for it.

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