Astronography: Milkyway

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Margaret River – Western Australia. Neollene Ain, Copyright 2014.


NeolleneAstronography: Milkyway

Short Film: Sebelah Sayap

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This short film is a collaboration project with Matluthfi in 2013.
It has won several awards in the country and international;

1. Fave Video of The Year 2013 at DiGi WWWOW Awards
2. Promising Award at Islamic World Film Festival 2014.

“The film tells about a guy, that is hopeful to be better, but he’s surrounded with fear when it seems like there is no more room for repentance.”

Written and Directed by Mat.
Co-directed by Neollene Ain.
Cinematography, Cameraworks and Editing by Neollene Ain.

Songs credit:
1. Epigram – I’m Sorry, I’m Lost
2. A Swarm Of The Sun – Lifeline
3. Explosions in the Sky – The Moon is Down
4. Este Silêncio – Milagre

NeolleneShort Film: Sebelah Sayap

Short film : Hilang (Lost)

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Produced in 2011. A film by ExperimentalCintaSeni (ECS) Production.

Starring: Syazwan Asyraf, Sahiful Bahari, Hafeeza Nordin, Hariz Zulkarnain, Lokman Hakim, Farrahana Dahari, Fairuz Jasmi

Director : Neollene Ain
Assistant Director : Maisara Xylon, Wnysahiful
Scipt/Screenplay : Neollene Ain, Sheai Hassim
Editor : Neollene Ain, Maisara Xylon
Cinematography: Neollene Ain, Maisara Xylon.

Song Credit:
Miranda Wong – All is my love.

NeolleneShort film : Hilang (Lost)

TIPS: My recent backpacking trip to Europe & Scandinavian.

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There are several things that I can help you to plan your trip, you may begin with listing the countries that you wish to go and having a map of Europe can help you get a better picture of the flow of how your journey could be (i.e. where to start and where to end). Then you can workout the duration based on your budget.

Once you have the idea, go on with searching the flight tickets.

Skyscanner can help you to see which airline that goes to your preferred destination and the fare. Basically, I book all the flight tickets straight from the airline own website and not through any “sub website” or agent. Booking your ticket early/during air fair can reduce your spending, especially the main ticket from KL to wherever starting destination of your trip in Europe. Like myself, i did a return ticket KL-LONDON HEATHROW-KL.

You must do a lot of homework of the destination you are going.

For example, if you choose to go east Europe like Hungary from london, get the information on the public transportation to and fro the airport to your accommodation and the public transportation for sightseeing. From there it helps you for your budgetting. Apply the same method to every destination you wish to go. And based from my example here, you might want to end your euro trip in Spain then go back to london before heading home.

(e.g.: London-hungary-austria-italy-germany-netherlands-france-spain-london)

Here i list a few places that i can suggest:

Hungary- city of Budapest
Austria – Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg
Italy – Florence, Milan, Rom, Pisa, Venice, Cagli
Germany – Munich, Berlin: Denver Art Museum, Jewish art museum
Netherlands- Amsterdam, Wind Mill.
France – Paris: Eiffel, Centre of Pompiduo, Champs Alesee. Arc de Triomph, Musee du Lurve
Barcelona – Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batlo, La Rambla Market//Street

U can go downward to Malaga, Granada, Andalusia.


1. Use Trip advisor and download all the maps when u have wifi or internet connection. it can be viewed offline.
2. Use Barcelona Official Guide Apps to move around the city of Barcelona. it would be very helpful.
3. Bring all the frozen foods/ instant food as it can be costly in some countries.

Coining you a lil idea, You may try to look on taking trains between countries in Europe, like going to vienna to destination in italy. I did not do any but it could be a valuable experience. Again, booking tickets early can save you a lot than last minute. FYI, i flew between countries during my trip and didn’t take the trains.

My cost would differ from many other travelers because i included Norway which is a Scandinavian country and it’s marked as the country with the highest cost of living in the world.
Moreover I stayed a lil longer in venice as due to work commitment for few weeks, thus I don’t feel it’s suitable to take my itinerary as the best example.

In booking your accommodation, look out for hostelworld website for backpackers stay or website if you wish to go for homestay. You can narrow down your preference (budget/type of rooms) from your search.

Be streetwise especially in keeping your valuables. Certain countries can be risky with pickpockets. Do some reading on it.

Oh before I forget, equipt yourself with basic words for countries that doesn’t use english as their common language. Having dictionary apps in your phone might help a lot.

All in all, start with the air tickets, then the accommodation and local transportation budget. Finalize with how much pocket money you need for foods or maybe souvenirs.

To those of you who are planning to travel and explore new places, Good luck! (:


NeolleneTIPS: My recent backpacking trip to Europe & Scandinavian.

Hello everyone.

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Welcome to this site. My server has recently been hacked by unwanted sources. I’m trying to rectify everything and hopefully it would be back to normal soon! Thanks for your visit. Cheers! Neollene.

NeolleneHello everyone.
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Vienna + Salzkammergut; Austria. Neollene Films. Copyright 2014.

My journey in Austria had been very amazing and memorable. A beautiful
country in and out.

I took a flight to Vienna (Wien) from Barcelona. Vienna has nice architecture with majestic palaces, churches and lots of museum. This city also features the country’s richness in culture of opera and music.

In Vienna, I went to Schonbrunn Palace & Gloriette. The beauty of the heaven-like garden is something that you shouldn’t miss out. I also took the opportunity for a classical & musical concert of Mozart and Straus that was held at Wien Kursalon. It was worth the money I paid for such a melodious orchestra performance.

Other places were; the parliment building, heldenplatz, Rathaus, Hofburg Palace, etc.

The most magical part was when i took a national train to Hallstatt that took around 3 hours from Vienna.

Hallstatt is a historical salt mining village that is located near a lake , surrounded by beautiful hills. Take a ride with cable car or do hiking a little bit to reach its look out point.

Austria has another city that is nice to be visited which is Salzburg and Innsbruck. Salzburg is a city of where Mozart was born. and Innsbruck is a colourful city overlooking mountains.

and if you like to play ski during winter.. go to Tyrol. There is one famous spot for leisure activities and ski.

IMG_9596 IMG_9613 IMG_9617 IMG_9625 IMG_9637 IMG_9659 IMG_9692 IMG_9706 IMG_9707 IMG_9710 IMG_9712 IMG_9714 IMG_9725 IMG_9807 IMG_9824 IMG_9830 IMG_9863 IMG_9893 IMG_9897 DSC04387 DSC04385 DSC04377 DSC04539 DSC04513 DSC04488 DSC04440 DSC04362 DSC04356 DSC04344

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Norway Travelogue

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Tromso, Norway. Copyright 2014.

You can look through airbnb website for accommodation in which mine located around an hour drive east of tromso. You can do the filtering based on your desired criteria during your search (budget, number of rooms etc). Apart from looking at their availability during my stay in norway, we inquire from the owner for info if the lights would be visible anywhere near the place. In relation, I did not go for any tour guide as i rely to getting to place near my stay.

We rented a car from tromso airport throughout my stay. There are good public transport available but that would only covers d tromso city area and if you wish to go outskirt, the schedule would be very tight (one bus per day etc). Unless if you choose to stay at the city area, then you won’t find much problem without a car and you may get a tour to catch the aurora, but you may check first the price for some insight. is a good website to give an overview for your trip (aurora tour etc).
Make sure you get your kroners ready as tromso do not have any money changer. The only way to do so is only at bank or through atm machines. Btw, the cost of living in norway is really high, but it depends on your affordability. In general, a bottle of 750ml mineral water cost at 25 kroners that’s equivalent to rm 12.50, a price of a single kebab could cost up to 200 kroners.

If you go in winter season (Nov-February), you might need proper outfit for the cold weather. During my stay it was late autumn n the lowest temp i experienced was -6 .

Last but not least, you may want to equip yourself with a lot of reading about the aurora. That would definitely assist you in experiencing the event. I could say that if the condition is right, you wont go wrong in getting d sightings for aurora as tromso located pretty suitable for it.

IMG_8758 IMG_8749 IMG_8760 DSC03276 IMG_8823 DSC03246 DSC03315 IMG_8853 IMG_8857 IMG_8822 DSC03338 DSC03350 DSC03348 IMG_8878 IMG_8883 IMG_8884 DSC03364 DSC03369 DSC03375 IMG_8890 DSC03377 DSC03385 IMG_8896 IMG_8952 DSC03552 IMG_9196 IMG_9200 IMG_9209 IMG_8885 IMG_8743 IMG_8739 IMG_8759 IMG_8672

NeolleneNorway Travelogue